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"You turned my nutritional life around and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Among my favorite take-aways from this winter’s "work" is to head for a hot bath when I come home stressed rather than carry that stress straight into my kitchen to prepare dinner. I no longer hate chopping vegetables! It's also wonderful having some recipes from you that take so little time to prepare (7-minute soba noodles & tuna). That's my emergency dish - always have those fixings on hand.

And I thank you for the "permission" to eat good fat (and drink some delicious whole milk). I lived so low-fat for so long. This balance keeps me so much more satisfied and it's causing zero weight issues."

K. Koch – Wichita

Thank you so much. I have gotten organic veggies and fruit and fresh fish…I cannot tell you how much better I feel!!! My sugars are under better control and this food really does satisfy. I am adjusting my insulin and have come down 15 units per day so far. I don't feel "bloated" in my gut and find my sinuses are clear with the Nettle tea. What a neat world to discover. I appreciate everything you did for me and am looking forward to seeing you again and understanding more. WOW !!!!!!!”

Becky B. – Wichita

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